How to get rid of whiteheads

Whiteheads on Your Nose: Causes & Effects, or

6 Golden Face Rules


Do you really know the root of such face problem as whiteheads? 68% of women do not, in fact: from causes & effects to must do’s, must don’ts, and howto’s. Though when armed with competent information at all points, 100% of ladies not only know how to get rid of a single whitehead, but how to say good-bye to similar, stubborn face problems once and for all!

As they say, first things first.

How to Get Rid of  Whiteheads:

Let Top Dermatologists Say

  • An Underlying Cause.

Whiteheads tend to appear in acne prone patients, whose pores accumulate too much oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, resulting in closed ‘comedones’. Typically, there are 3 key factors leading to this type of acne: a) poor face hygiene & heavy cosmetic products that block pores; b) genetic predisposition; c) hormonal changes (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy or menopause). So, identify your own reason and deal with it, first of all.

  • Never Squeeze Out the Whitehead Content!

Aggressive spot treatment like this pushes the bacteria deeper into the pore and leads to serious inflammation that will only make matters worse. Do not self-medicate, at least in such a way! You may stay at home and get professional help at the same time.

  • No More than 4 Hours?

According to the latest research, modern OTC (over-the-counter) treatments can help to treat one’s whiteheads in a couple of hours. As the main ingredients, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol demonstrate the most fantastic results – they fight acne-causing bacteria under your pores. Still, the 1st thing to do is a full facial steaming, so as to open up the pores. All in all, you will need professional care, enough time, and some patience, no matter which ‘magic’ products are recommended.

Skin Hygiene Is No.1 Strategy to Deal with Whiteheads!

A classic of the genre is to gently exfoliate your skin, use oil-free & non-comedogenic cosmetic products, take vitamin & mineral supplements, and drink plenty of water every day. In a word, home remedies for skin beauty care are all at your disposal. Let’s start from the safest area – here are test-and-tried ways of how to stop whiteheads on your nose:

  • Natural Antiseptics

Tomato pulp dries up any whiteheads if applied onto the affected area both in the evening and in the morning.

Lemon juice & a pinch of salt, as the mixture, is left on the skin for 20 minutes and then washed away with warm water.

Yogurt, oatmeal & olive oil are mixed and applied onto the nose for 5-7 minutes.

Baking soda & warm water paste, mixed in equal parts, should be rubbed onto the nose for 2-3 minutes and then removed.

Honey is spread on the nose and washed away in 15 minutes.

Aloe-Vera gel moisturizes the whole face, controls acne and even heals the scars.

  • Natural Facial Scrubs

*Brown sugar (2 tbsp.) + honey (2 tbsp.);

*Baking soda with a few drops of water;

*Steam scrub (boil a pot of water, drape a towel over your head, face over the rising steam during 10 minutes, do not wipe your nose and rub it);

*Shower/hot bath steam scrub (this is best for one’s sensitive skin).

  • Natural Moisturizers

*A cup of buttermilk;

*A half an avocado;

*A tablespoon of honey;

*A dash of olive oil.

Note: Always make an allergic test for any homemade or store bought facial product!