Vitiligo diet.


When all the spots will be closed, after complete recovery, you will need three years in a row once a year to take one course of treatment(three months),only injections and tablets.The most dangerous period is March,April and may months, that would not be a recurrence. The diet need to be followed for life. What you can-it is advisable to eat a lot, and the fact that it is impossible-it is desirable not to eat. But what is not written,it can be consumed in unlimited quantities. But keep in mind that we can’t have something that contains vitamin “C”.



milk products and all milk.

-sea products.

-pork,beef,chicken,Kazi(horse sausage),fish,



-raw tomatoes(roasted)

-bell peppers.





alcohol,carbonated beverages.

You CAN:


-sesame,black cumin.

-black mushroom


-grapes: black,red


meat pigeons

-liver (lamb, beef)

-jellied lamb and beef

-head of lamb and beef


-fresh salad without tomatoes and peppers

-shubat(camel milk)

I wish Everyone a full recovery.