Use of shampoos in treatment of a seborrheal dermatitis

Use of shampoos in treatment of a seborrheal dermatitis

Shampoo from a seborrheal dermatitis is used in complex treatment of a disease, and also as prophylactic for the prevention of a seborrhea on a pilar part of the head.

Today the specific drugs which are completely saving from a dermatitis aren’t found therefore the main attention is paid to elimination of fungic infections.

Properties of antiseborrheal shampoo

The detergent which is used for disposal of a dermatitis makes the following impact:

Interferes with distribution of a yeast-like fungus.
Slows down neogenesis of a cellular false skin.
The head integument ecdysis warns.
Promotes reduction of development of a sebaceous secret.

It is necessary to consider that for obtaining the maximum effect producers can add additional components to shampoos that is capable to cause allergic reaction from immune system.

Composition of medical shampoo

Many patients are interested in a question of what shampoo needs to be chosen what properties it has to have and whether there is a children’s antiseborrheal shampoo? In order that shampoo could make medical impact, the following components have to be its part:

Selenic sulfides — interfere with reproduction of a fungic infection.
Ketonazol — neutralizes impact of funguses on head skin. This component isn’t recommended to use for the children who didn’t reach 12-year age.
Zinc piritiona — activly eliminate inflammatory process on a skin.
Циклопирокс — destroys originators of infectious development.
Tar medical — saves from an ecdysis.

It is necessary to consider that duration of medical influence of shampoo against a seborrhea shouldn’t exceed 1 month. Besides, at the choice of antiseborrheal shampoo it is necessary to get acquainted with structure attentively. As a rule, the best agents don’t contain parabens and fragrances as they are additional allergens. At addition to shampoo the tsinkosoderzhashchikh of agents, process of treatment can be considerably accelerated.

List of the most popular medicinal shampoos

  • HEAD & SHOULDERS. This shampoo the most known and popular with the patients suffering from a dandruff. It contains in the structure пириотин Zincum. Shampoo well proved, but has a series of contraindications to which, first of all, the impossibility of its use for children belongs.




  • NIZORAL. Shampoo Nizoral, perhaps, is one of the most known drugs for disposal of a seborrheal dermatitis. Nizoral is used for prophylaxis once within 2 weeks, and for treatment 2 times within 7 days by a course 4 weeks. Besides medicinal properties, Nizoral has good preventive property. A basis of drug is кетоконазол therefore Nizoral effectively removes a cause of illness.



  • Bioderm’s shampoo carries out 2 appointments — it interferes with development of a pathogenic microflora therefore dandruff develops, and reduces secretion of a sebum, deleting flakes. Drug eliminates practically at once from a dandruff, abirritates a skin and takes out an itch on the head.



  • Neutrogena T/Sal – Salicylic Acid for Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis. Here is another effective seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) shampoo form Neutrogena. It works by removing the dead skin and any yeast build up using a fairly strong acid. Salicylic acid is of natural origin and is derived from the willow trees bark. Additionally, it is frequently used in many other skin care products as an effective solution for acne. At higher concentrations it is used to remove warts and corns.

When used for seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), it is extremely effective at removing the flakes. It leaves the skin feeling very tight and bright pink.

Specifically for me, it did not seem to have very lasting results. However, one of my favorite aspects of it were how mild it was.